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The Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH) is one of the most important Research Centers in Greece and lies at the forefront of basic, applied and technological research to provide solutions to society’s modern challenges. The Information Technologies Institute (ITI) of CERTH is one of the leading Institutions of Greece in the fields of Informatics, Telematics and Telecommunications, and its main labs are:

  • M4D developing cutting-edge research algorithms and novel solutions in Multimodal data fusion, Data Mining, Semantic Web, Big data, Multimedia analysis and retrieval and AI-based multimodal analytics for Arts & Media, Health, Security, Earth Observation and Migration.
  • VCL with extensive experience in Computer Vision and Machine Learning applications leveraging AI to produce innovative technologies for security applications such as image and video analysis tools, predictive analytics, Augmented and Virtual Reality tools, and 3D/4D applications for immersive experiences.

CERTH/ITI acts as the project coordinator and scientific manager of TESTUDO. CERTH leads also two technical workpackages, developing four key services: 3D representation model for Critical Infrastructures, object detections for both visual and multispectral cameras and CI Digital Twins.

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ACCELI has been established in 2019 in Nicosia, Cyprus and focuses on the design, development and system integration - verification of custom-made robotic solutions, with a particular focus on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). ACCELI is building from scratch its own UAV prototypes, of varying technical requirements tailored to different applications and sectors’ needs.

TESTUDO will utilise ACCELI's advanced unmanned vehicles along with existing equipment to deliver a highly mature platform for continuous monitoring even at harsh environments and remote territories. ACCELI will involve two of its UAV prototypes with different functionalities: CERBERUS - an octa-copter UAV versatile and able to be equipped with a dedicated embedded platform and DIOPTRA - an electric VTOL, fixed wing with an estimated flight time of almost 60 minutes. ACCELI is also responsible to carry out a market analysis and potential business models regarding TESTUDO solution.

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Satways Ltd, founded back in 2006, is a leading IT company developing state of the art integrated Geospatial command and control and situation awareness solutions for the Security and Public Safety domain based in Greece with branches in UK and Germany. Satways’ product line includes C2 and C3I enterprise software packages that respond to different operational requirements of Public Safety and Security Agencies such as Distributed Geospatial Data management, Operational Resources Tracking, Incident Management and Dispatch, Physical Security Information Management, Natural & Technological Hazards Crisis Management and Border Surveillance.

In the frame of TESTUDO, Satways will act as the project Technical Manager, ensuring a proper implementation process and cooperation among the partners on technical activities, assuring the high quality of the technical produced results and solutions. Satways will lead the activities related to the definition of the technical requirements and specifications, as well as the design of TESTUDO platform architecture and its implementation. Satways will also provide an innovative monitoring platform as the highest implementation layer of the TESTUDO solution, providing enhanced situational awareness and decision support capabilities.

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NTT DATA Italia is a part of the Japanese multinational NTT DATA, one of the key players worldwide in IT Consulting and Services that include Digital, Consulting, Cyber Security and System Integration. With a global presence in over 50 countries, 190.000 professionals and an international network of research and development centers, the company's mission is to create value for the clients through innovation.

NTT DATA is interested in bringing the TESTUDO solutions to customers in multiple market sectors, in order to help them increase the effectiveness of their operation systems. NTT DATA will undertake the expansion of new algorithms for autonomous systems and their integration in a Digital Twin view of real working environment in order to enable advanced capabilities.

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The Centre of Excellence in Terrorism, Resilience, Intelligence and Organised Crime Research (CENTRIC) is a multidisciplinary, security-focused research centre at Sheffield Hallam University, collaborating with research, government, industry and security stakeholders to address contemporary security challenges at the local, national and international levels. CENTRIC is a diverse team of researchers, technology specialists and security experts focused on delivering tangible solutions for law enforcement and other security stakeholders. This combination makes CENTRIC uniquely placed to offer innovative applied research, professional expertise and training in the modern security environment.

CENTRIC’s main role in TESTUDO are to lead work on predictive intelligence, operational support and platform implementation by leading the task dedicated to Multimodal fusion techniques to support monitoring systems. CENTRIC is also contributing to works focusing on the developments of the XR solution to enable enhanced situational awareness by facilitating an advanced 3D visualisation environment to support decision-making capabilities.

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EYDAP, the largest drinking water supply and sewerage company in Greece, plays a vital role in serving over 40% of the country's population. Comprising four Drinking Water Treatment Plants and three Wastewater Treatment Plants, all designated as Critical Infrastructures, EYDAP's mission is to ensure the uninterrupted flow of clean drinking water and efficient wastewater management. With a vast network of over 250 kilometers of external aqueducts, spanning from Western to Eastern Greece, and four water reservoirs, EYDAP's infrastructure is the backbone of Greece's water supply system. It is imperative for EYDAP to maintain stringent monitoring and security measures to safeguard these critical assets against both physical and cyber threats that may disrupt the seamless distribution and treatment of drinking water.

EYDAP is a key end user in the TESTUDO project, playing a pivotal role in the testing, evaluation, and application of cutting-edge technologies over the next three years. As an end user, EYDAP will serve as a practical testing ground for the innovative solutions developed through this project, ensuring their effectiveness in real-world scenarios. EYDAP's involvement encompasses two crucial demonstration cases, conducting comprehensive tests and evaluating the resilience of the critical infrastructure against both physical and cyber threats - assessing the infrastructure's vulnerability to cyber-attacks and strengthening its defence. Additionally, EYDAP takes the role of the leader for evaluation of the functionality of the proposed TESTUDO solutions. This entails creating a set of use case scenarios tailored to the actual operational needs of critical infrastructure operators, ensuring that the technological tools align seamlessly with existing and future operational processes.

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CEA-List is an institute of the CEA's Technological Research Division. Dedicated to smart digital systems, it contributes to the development of business competitiveness through the technology development and transfer. The expertise and skills developed by CEA-List's 1,000 research engineers and technicians enable the institute to support more than 200 French and foreign companies in their technological developments every year.

in TESTUDO CEA plays a role in developing an interoperable network architecture for secure and robust communications through Software Defined Networking (SDN). This involves creating a dynamic framework for real-time network monitoring and management, aligning with application requirements and adapting to changing network conditions. Furthermore, a modular intrusion detection system will be designed to analyse network traffic in real-time, making efficient use of available computing resources. CEA will also develop an intrusion response system capable of mapping anomalies to specific attacks, assessing their impact, and formulating effective countermeasures.

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Engineering Group is the Digital Transformation Company, leader in Italy and expanding its global footprint (over 70 companies in 14 countries), supporting the continuous evolution of companies and organisations - thanks to a deep understanding of business processes in all market segments fully leveraging the opportunities offered by advanced digital technologies and proprietary solutions. It integrates best-of-breed market solutions, managed services, and continues to expand its expertise through M&As and partnerships with leading technology players. The Group strongly invests both in innovation, through its R&I division, and in human capital, with the internal IT & Management Academy.

ENG has remarkable expertise in Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) strategy and provides substantial expertise in executing the trials to demonstrate its decision support technologies along with the validation methodologies. ENG is leading the work focused on augmented sensing and communication for effective autonomy and will be strongly involved in development of TESTUDO's exploitation strategy, proposing the innovative CIP solutions to its customers and disseminating the results within its network to leverage the process towards a market product.

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PIAP is a leading Polish research institute active in the fields of robotics, automation, machine vision and measurements systems, with a vast experience in developing unique solutions in the field of industrial automation, security and defence technologies, information technology, industrial and mobile robotics as well as measuring devices. Research performed at PIAP is concentrated on mobile autonomous systems, innovative human machine interfaces, manipulation and manipulator construction, data fusion and image processing. For over 15 years PIAP is a successful developer of mobile robots used in EOD/IED and SAR missions. Related research works are focused on mobile autonomy, innovative HMI, data fusion, image processing and CBRNe detection and environmental sampling systems.

In TESTUDO PIAP will develop autonomous surveillance and threat detecting platform, based on one of its mobile robots, and integrate it with project’s swarm technology to provide multidomain and multi-sensory input for situation awareness as well as intervention tools for harsh and dangerous environments.

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T4i engineering (T4i) is an SME, located in Athens, Greece, that delivers experience and know-how in applications related to field chemical analysis and R&D project management. T4i specialises in the design and development of advanced chemical detectors for field use either as handheld devices or on-board UAVs. The company designs field detectors especially useful when detection is needed in harsh environments where stand-off technology is required for the protection of the operator.

Having a large experience in developing CBRN sensors, T4i will adapt their airborne chemical detector, T4i DOVER®, improving Detection, Identifying and Monitoring (DIM) capabilities. Using a sophisticated, built-in calibration system, the detector’s analytical performance will be boosted, especially in complex environments with several background chemicals. The enhanced T4i DOVER® will be mounted on a UAV exchanging data and transmitting alarms to the TESTUDO operational centre. T4i FemtoMachine® is a unique calibrator for portable chemical detectors as well as for analytical instrumentation, ensuring chemical data reliability and accuracy in the area of on-site/field calibration.

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Prosegur offers the best security and cash management services for its clients. The company offers comprehensive security solutions tailored to the needs of other businesses. All these services are managed remotely with state-of-the-art equipment and systems that include the highest standards of security and technology, and guarantee a secure environment in each of the clients' facilities.

In TESTUDO, Prosegur will provide different security assets, such as robots, lidar and cameras. It will also define the security risk assessment methodology, focusing on risks to be tackled with the technology developed in the project. The task will consider initial information gathering and analysis, international legal normative, identification of the assets of the infrastructure, risks profiles definition and impact evaluation as well as mitigation and prevention protocols. A risks assessment will be developed for each of the use cases along with guidelines for the application of TESTUDO technologies.

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VICOMTECH is a technological centre set up as a private non-profit foundation performing research and developing technology in collaboration with businesses, other centres and universities to generate a positive impact on the environment through technology transfer. VICOMTECH specialises in digital technologies related to Visual Computing and Interaction and Artificial Intelligence, with a main mission to respond to the Applied Research, Development and Innovation needs of businesses and institutions in its environment, enabling them to confront new financial and social challenges, thus improving their competitiveness in the global marketplace.

VICOMTECH's contribution to TESTUDO is centered on providing a solution for the identification of threats; both physical and digital. Through the analysis of multiple data streams, the method detects abnormal activities and unusual situations in critical infrastructure. This solution is based on AI-models making sure it archives state-of-the-art accuracy and performance. VICOMTECH also provides a method to analyse and identify threats to AI systems.

Sintef logo

SINTEF, is the largest independent research organisation in Scandinavia, headquartered in Trondheim, Norway, conducting multidisciplinary research and innovation in a wide range of fields, including technology, energy, health, and social sciences. SINTEF covers robotics and autonomy “from ocean space to outer space” across all key technical areas of expertise. It collaborates with industry, academia, and the public sector to address complex challenges and drive innovation.

The Mathematics and Cybernetics department at SINTEF Digital participating in TESTUDO has experience from several large projects related to swarm robotics and multi-robot/drone planning and management. SINTEF will focus on the collective intelligence for swarming autonomy and develop AI algorithms for optimised high-level mission definitions to utilise resources in an optimal way. Real time insights (e.g. surveillance data and the evolving risk profile) will be considered to develop agile strategies for assigning tasks and assets on the fly.

The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence DFKI was founded in 1988 as a non-profit private research center dedicated to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and today is one of the largest “Centers of Excellence” in AI worldwide. The DFKI’s Robotics Innovation Center (RIC) in Bremen is performing R&D works in the area of robotics. The DFKI Robotics Innovation Center designs and develops intelligent robots for a variety of fields of application, such as space, sub-sea, SAR and security, logistics, production and consumer (LPC), cognitive robotics, e-mobility and rehabilitation robotics. The focus lies on a rapid transfer of results of basic research into realworld applications.

DFKI-RIC will provide for TESTUDO an existing lightweight mobile robotic system like the Asguard or Coyote. The system will be chosen depending on the requirements of the project regarding the locomotion abilities, overall payload and dimensions of the additional sensor. The robots will be equipped with laser scanners and cameras to perceive their environment and the software that includes a 3D-Mapping algorithm and semi-autonomous navigation which allows for collision-free navigation between waypoints. As a part of TESTUDO, the systems will be enhanced to carry a gas-sensor. DFKI will also conduct an innovative curricular to educate potential first-responders about the systems and solutions that will be developed under the project.

Bizkaia logo

Interbiak Bizkaia, S.A. is a company whose sole partner is the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and whose mission is to carry out projects, construction, conservation, maintenance and operation of road infrastructure. In particular, it is entrusted with the management of the collection of roads subject to tolls in the Historic Territory of Bizkaia, which is currently carried out through channelled and non-channelled tolls (free flow). During 2023, it launched the drafting of the projects, execution of the works and operation of the implementation of the PPU pay-per-use system for heavy vehicles on conventional roads in its geographical area.

Interbiak Bizkaia participates in the TESTUDO project supporting the development of one of the project's use cases. To this end, it will make a section of its infrastructure available to the project so that the innovative technological solutions developed during the project can be validated in a real environment, aimed at solving the problems detected in the definition of the use case.

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TEKNIKER is a technology centre specialised in Advanced Manufacturing, Surface Engineering, Product Engineering and ICTs for manufacturing. Its mission is focused on bringing about growth and wellbeing for society at large through R&D&I actions and by furthering the competitiveness of its industrial fabric in a sustainable manner.

Based on the knowledge gained within other safety related European projects TEKINIKER participates in the definition of risks assessments and user requirements as well as leads the works focused on the implementation of the sensor infrastructure for different heterogeneous sensors and systems for a reliable flow of information (edge or over the cloud). TEKNIKER participates also in demonstrating low power hardware architectures for the deployment of visual object and activity recognition AI models in the real environment.

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Established in 2000 in Thessaloniki, DRAXIS is a leader in creating innovative environmental ICT solutions and providing specialized consultancy services. It harnesses advanced technologies like remote sensing, complex algorithms and GIS to develop robust tools for sectors such as e-government, air quality, energy, and sustainable agriculture. DRAXIS also provides comprehensive environmental consulting servicessuch as Environmental Impact Assessment studies, Major Industrial Accident (SEVESO) Safety studies and environmental data management, helping its clients significantly enhance their environmental performance.

In the TESTUDO project, DRAXIS's role is crucial in designing and defining the evaluation procedures for each use case - setting the methods for the feedback collection including workshops, interviews, and focus groups. DRAXIS responsibility extends to drafting protocols that manage legal and privacy aspects of each pilot, ensuring compliance and alignment with the project's objectives.

Adscensus logo

Adscensus, founded in 2019, is aeronautical defense and space SME, developing advanced propulsion platforms, which empower critical infrastructure security, urban aerial logistics, airborne search & rescue, tactical airlift, and medevac missions. Today, Adscensus operates materials, electronics and aeronautics laboratories and employs staff who have previously worked at NASA, Ryanair Engineering, and SAS. Company is running 3 European projects.

In TESTUDO project, Adscensus orchestrates requirements and use-case refinement activities and will deliver heavy-weight sensor carrier platform.

Law and internet foundation logo

Law and Internet Foundation is a Bulgarian NGO & Research centre with a mission to aid the society's transformation in the digital world. To achieve it, LIF performs and participates in numerous applied studies, scientific researches, programmes and projects in the field of legal, technological, economic and social issues related to the fast penetration of information and communication technologies both in public and private sectors. The main domains of expertise of the Foundation are ICT Law, Intellectual Property, Artificial Intelligence, Human Rights and Education, whereby LIF provides both legal and ethical analyses and reviews.

Within the TESTUDO project LIF provides overall legal and ethical monitoring and consultancy on Privacy, Intellectual Property, Security and Artificial Intelligence issues. Additionally, LIF will participate in dissemination activities with a view to communicate to its wider network the new findings and developments relevant to the dynamic legal and ethical framework on the subject matter.

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DBC Business Consulting S.A. is a leading Greek firm specialising in delivering tailored services to both public and private sector organisations. The company is known for its expertise in a diverse range of sectors, including sustainable growth, energy efficiency, education reform and urban development. DBC offers a comprehensive suite of services, including ICT consulting, financial advisory, programme and project management as well as commercialisation of innovative solutions, with a strong focus on research domains spanning ICT, energy, environment, security, health, transportation and food.

In TESTUDO, DBC leads the project's exploitation, dissemination and communication endeavors on a global scale, ensuring effective outreach at local, national, and international levels. DBC is committed to facilitating the transfer of strategies and business models to the pertinent community, thereby fostering sustainable growth and promoting effective knowledge transfer.

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